Wildlife Art – Realistic Graphite Pencil Drawing – Dance for Joy

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Wildlife Art – Realistic Graphite Pencil Drawing – Dance for Joy – Chinese Goose

Dance for Joy holds a special place in my heart. In previous posts we have covered compositions based on mood, based on a careful study of habitat and natural history, compositions that are completely fictional but quite plausible for that species, and portraits which rely on the beauty of the subject. This one was based on pure emotion.

LSpino _Chinese Goose
LSpino _Chinese Goose

As I was walking near a lake in a park near my home, several chinese geese as well a some mallards swam to shore.  I thought this was a wonderful opportunity to take some reference photos but little did I know what I was about to witness.  Most of the geese and ducks simply shook the water off their backs and wings and began eating but one goose seemed completely immersed in enjoying the warm sunshine.  He hopped and flapped and honked and seemed to be in a world of his own!  He seemed to be dancing for joy!

I quickly set about composing a simple piece showing the goose in a field of grass just as I had seen him however something changed the course of the drawing.  Just as I was beginning the drawing I received an email informing me that one of my drawings  (“Mallard”) had been selected for publication in North Light Books’ Strokes of Genius 6.  This was my first publication and I felt like I was dancing on cloud 9.

Well, with all that dancing going on, I changed the background to have it seem as though the little goose was floating on air.  The title “Dance for Joy” was inspired by the goose’s emotions as well as mine and he became my website logo!  Prints of “Dance for Joy” are available here.

Once again I’ve put together a short time-lapse video for you.  Hope you enjoy it!

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