Wildlife Art – Realistic Graphite Pencil Drawing – Barred Owl

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Wildlife Art – Realistic Graphite Pencil Drawing – Barred Owl

Owls are fearsome and seemingly fearless predators. They steal in on silent wings, seize their unsuspecting prey and generally swallow it whole. Some of the larger species have been known to prey on eaglets in their nests. Yet, we are seldom aware of their presence. An owl sitting quietly on a branch near us, exquisitely camouflaged, is nearly invisible.It is this aura of mystery surrounding owls that has always fascinated us. They have held an important role in mythology and were long thought to be symbols of wisdom. They are also quite simply among the most beautiful of birds. 

LSpino_barred owl 01The barred owl with its large brown eyes is especially beautiful in my opinion.  It usually hunts at night or at dusk, but can be active in the daytime.  It has proven to be very adaptable and can be found almost everywhere in Canada and the eastern United States.  It is a medium sized owl and perhaps surprisingly the great horned owl is its primary predator.  


LSpino_barred owl 02Owls have been seen over the centuries as symbols of wisdom, of death, and of the power to heal since their feathers are often worm by medicine men and women.  I believe that owls like all animals, can and should be appreciated simply for the beauty that they bring to our natural world.   

Once again I have prepared a short time-lapse video of of the work-in progress for this drawing.  I hope you enjoy it!

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