Digital drawing – Bald Eagle

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Digital drawing – Bald Eagle

There has been a lot of controversy concerning digital art in the past but today I think that it’s undeniable that digital programs are a wonderful addition to any artist’s toolbox. Many artists use them to plan their compositions and in that sense they’re invaluable because placing various elements and resizing them has become much easier and quicker than re-drawing or even than using a photocopy machine.  Artists have always used whatever means they had at their disposal to create art.

LSpino_digital eagle

Of course this is more of a sketch than a refined drawing but I’ve seen digital art that rivals traditional in every way.  Like all mediums, there are masters of digital art as a quick google search will prove.  If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it.  I think that it will be an indispensable skill for all artists in the future.

Hope you give it a try!